Thursday, February 4, 2010

Natto, Salmon Eggs & Reminder

So sorry to even put up this horrible picture, but it is serving as a reminder and motivation to go out during my lunch period and finally pick up a battery for my camera. It boggles my mind that I just can't remember when I'm out and about.

Anywho, I realize this might not be the breakfast choice of many, but I happen to love it. Natto (fermented soy bean) and fresh salmon eggs. Funny how things can change in your life; I used to yell at my dad when I was little for eating fish liver and herring for breakfast. Now my kids scream when they see the little natto container come out. "Dad!!! how can you eat that?????!!!!! It smells like shit!"
And, like my dad years ago, I just smile.

Stay positive everyone...


Natalie said...

I think all good dads need to freak out their kids a little bit. It's good for them. Gives them perspective when dealing with people in the real world: even the big guy in their lives, the dad they love, does totally wierd things they can't understand. Plus, why have kids if you can't mess with them? More power to you.

Jay C said...

Now, that is some interesting food. Due to availability, I'm going to pass, but the chicken livers and herring, very doable.

Hui said...

This is an interesting and protein-rich breakfast, although it might not work for a lot of people. In addition to health benefit, you joy is the bonus.

Marc said...

too funny!! totally agreed ;-)

Not chicken liver, fish liver. Have you ever had fish liver? If not, I will send you some. It's awesome stuff.

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