Sunday, February 21, 2010

Easy Chicken Recipe Video

Maybe after seeing this video you can  help me come up with a name for this recipe ;-)

Go easy on me...this is my first one. They can only get better from here ;-)  
I don't really know how to edit it all yet, so you have to watch in stages. Total cooking and prep time was less then 15 minutes. Also because I was nervous perhaps, I totally forget to mention one of the ingredients, little cherry/grape tomatoes. I really like these to cook with better then regular tomatoes.They don't turn to mush as quick.
Hope you like it, enjoy.

What do you think? Any suggestions?


Mark said...

Nice video Marc! Love your sign off line.

Lots of ops for teaching here - like how you cut the garlic so you won't hack off your finger tips.

I gotta ask - what's up with that glowing stove? Did you add in some special effects after the fact ;)

Natalie said...

Your sign-off is perfect, and I love that I now have a voice to go along with your posts. This whole thing is great, fab job stepping up there and going for it. (Which seems very you.)

I've been eating camel burgers out here in the Middle East, (OK, so I tried one) and you are right, by the way, the Arabic teas are awesome. Next up: Marc's Chicken. (Or whatever some creative soul comes up with to call it).


Dan said...

Well done Marc. You're a natural. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

whoa, you looked like a pro, seriously, like a tv chef. i enjoyed the video and learned somethin' new. :)

Chris said...

This is fantastic stuff. A great enhancement for what is already a superb blog.

Marc said...


My camera man wasn't sure about the sign It's what I feel so thought that would be most genuine. I will show some knife skills coming up well as what knives make your kitchen time easier.

The stove ;-) It's a flat top electric range. Not the greatests for cooking to be honest...but cool special effects lol.

Like I said to Mark, THANK YOU.
More to come I promise ;-)

By the way, I LOVE YOUR BLOG and WRITING!! Congrats on the big race, that looked like a real adventure...and now I want to try camel chocolate ;-)
Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you very much. I will try and get better with each video.

"blushing" Thank you very much.
Let me know sometime if you make the dish and how you liked it.

You've been woth me from the beginning and I so appreciate it. Your feedback means a lot to me.
I really look forward to sharing a lot more. I know I will surprise some with the sheer variety of primal/EF/paleo flavors you can create.


Jen said...

That looks helladelish! Thanks for the video =) I can't wait to see what you give us next!

Shane said...

Great video! Going to try making a variation of this tonight depending on what ingredients I have

Marc said...

So is that your entry for the name of the dish ;-)
Thanks very much. New Video coming up shortly.

Thank you so much!
Please share what you made.


SCB said...

How about Chicken B'Nice. :-)

Shane said...

I ended up having to keep it pretty simple. I didn't have any peppers and just used some garlic, onions, and mushrooms. I was in the mood to experiment but didn't want to ruin it by adding too many things. I did throw in a dash or two of soy sauce.

Sharon said...

Hi Marc -

Great videos. One suggestion though - you probably should keep the animals out of the kitchen when you are doing the video. I got a good laugh in the beginning of #2 of seeing what is either a cat or dog walking in to the left of the screen.

Dragos said...

Hey Marc,

it was 6 am when i saw these videos. In 10 minutes i was in the kitchen, trying this recipe with turkey breast.

i've added some lemmon juice and it's delicious.

now i feel real good. later i'll hit the gym to feel great :)

this kind of videos have miraculous powers. It's so simple to cook healthy foods

kep em comming

Andy's Blog said...

Good job. I love my santuku knife. I reach for that thing first before any of the Henkels laying around. That recipe is so simple, but looks so good.

Yet another one of your ideas that I will put into practice.

Marc said...

Thank you for watching!!

Looking foward to youe site being up.

What a wonderful blog you have!!!
Awesome pictures. chicken b nice has a ring to it ;-)

Did you use heavy cream with the soy?

Thank you for stopping by and watching. You're little Eddie (doggie) snuck in the the kitchen...I caught it too.

Hey Dragos,
Thanks a lot!! It's great to get feedback and comments like yours! hope to see you back here.

Thanks man! Got another 5K this weekend,