Monday, May 18, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. It's just not the same sharing my Feel Good Eating dishes without the pictures. But fear not.......the pictures WILL return shortly.

Remember I had some new recipes for you?
I want to share this one;

1 pound grass fed beef cut into bite sized cubes. (I used top round)
1 strip of bacon
6 cloves of garlic.
1 yellow onion
2 dried chili peppers
3 tbsps red wine
3 tbsps heavy cream

Just a few simple ingredients makes for a delicious tasting dish.

In a hot large skillet or a wok, put the strip of bacon in a let it cook. Next add a pat of butter and saute the chopped garlic, onion and dried chili pepper. I then used some kitchen shears and cut the bacon into tiny little pieces (while it was in the pan)

Now add the meat. Stir well and let it cook to desired temp. Now add your red wine. Let it reduce some and then mix well. Next add your heavy cream, again let it reduce some and then stir together. Serve nice and hot!

A side salad of some romaine, tomato, cucumber, carrot and scallion made it a real nice looking plate.

In the 70's you could find thousands of "hippies" hanging on the steps of this very special monument.


Jonathan Pippenger said...

This one sounds good. I'm gonna give it a try tonight.

Marc said...

I'm glad you're trying it.
Let me know how it came out.
Keep up the blogging on your sites.