Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Once again focusing on easy prep and.....I cooked a lot over the weekend for other people and was tired of cleaning up the kitchen. So try this with me and see how easy.
Turn on your oven to 400. Grab a cookie tray, cutting board and a large bowl.
Now take a cauliflower and cut it up. Toss into the bowl with a little evoo, sea salt and pepper.
Spread it out on the cookie sheet. Now slice red onion toss in the bowl with left over evoo. I added another tspn.

Use the fish of your choice for the following. (use a fish that grills well) Put fish on a plate and drizzle, evoo, tamari, and some white miso paste (mix miso paste with some water) Toss some of the sliced red onion on top. Now that the cauliflower is getting close to done put the rest of the red onion on the cookie sheet also. Remove from oven, put it back in the bowl and mash it all together. Grill the fish and enjoy a delicious meal. Simple right? And minimal clean up. Bowl, cutting board and cookie sheet. (I did have a small side salad with the meal, consisting of spinach, red leaf lettuce and cucumber.)
Blogspot picture function is down. When up, I will post the pics of this meal.

CREATE A GREAT DAY and.........SMILE ;-)


Anna said...

Love, love, love roasted cauliflower drizzled with homemade mayo or aioli. Mmmm.

sarena said...

Got me some cauliflower marinating to roast as we speak!! Pic up on my blog. Goona roast with some asparagus and eat with some fish and a side salad too!! great minds really do think alike:)

Naomi said...

ah just skip cleaning the cutting board, and put some paper on that cookie sheet! just the bowl left ;)

Marc said...

Good thinking ;-)

Anna, please share your aioli drizzle.

Great minds do think a like!!!!!