Monday, April 7, 2008

1, 2 ,3 quick and easy. & Paleo diet observation/experience

Quick and easy.
Spinach, salami (natural and nitrate free), asparagus, 2 omega 3 eggs. In the pan with some butter. Great breakfast after a heavy work out.

Here is an observation/experience in regards to my paleo/primal/evolutionary eating.
Over the last three weeks, I went through a type of brain fog and weak feeling period.
I could not figure out what was wrong. Just not feeling right, if you know what I mean. Being 40, and having my closest friend sick in the hospital does not help keep your own worries at bay necessarily. I had also been doing some IF. After going over many possibilities in my head, I decided that maybe it would be wise to go see a doctor.
Just before I did that, an comment by my mom, gave me a clue as to what might be happening. After my soccer game at night, she always calls me in the morning to see if I'm still around ;-) She told me that she did not know anyone that was as active as I was. She also said that I have always been running and doing and playing actively as far back as she could remember. She then said, that's probably why you could eat a whole loaf of bread with cold cuts in one day. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I have NOT been eating enough!!! So I made a quick change and started eating more. Adding some yams to my diet and FAT. In less then 2 days I was back to my old self. I'm not a very scientific person, well read yes, but not scientific and a lot of the technical info available out there is tough for me to comprehend sometimes. I never took any physiology courses. So they way I learn is by trial and error and common sense. So my observation is as follows; if you are hitting the weights (or crossfit, or anything you like) with heavy intensity 3 times a week, and then for the other 3 -4 days do sprinting, tennis, soccer etc etc, YOU MUST FUEL your body. Anywho; that's what I found out recently and thought I'd share. Looking forward to getting some of your thoughts.


Dave Clary said...

I've always thought that the size of your meals were fairly minimal so this doesn't come as a shock to me. This is especially true considering how active you are. I find that if I don't eat enough, it makes me more prone to engaging in some binge eating. It's a problem when you have weight loss as a goal,

Marc said...

Good point. However I do believe that we are a little "off" in regards to size of our meal, as it has to be relative right?
I always have found it interesting that an average sandwhich/burger at a restaurant is eaten by someone 6'3 or 5'7. Yet it satisfies both? I'm not huge by any means, 5"7 and 165, so as I I've transitioned to healthy eating I've tried to keep my portions relative to my size. Now I know that when you eat paleo/primal my portions need to be a bit bigger.
Funny you menton binge eating, in hindsight over the last three weeks, I was CRAVING chocolate at work.

sarena said...

Hey we actually make zweibel mit ei every Shabbos afternoon for lunch!! We call it eier mit tzwibel. I use hard boiled eggs, chopped scallions or onions, olive oil and sea salt. Some weeks I skip it if I have made sauteed or chopped liver though!!

Matt Metzgar said...

I still think this is somehow related to starch, though I can't prove it. For myself, I feel my energy is better with potato-type carbs as compared to fruit carbs.

Marc said...


the yams and sweet potato are for sure giving me an extra boost.
Fat is crucial also I think. I've been upping my intake of it a bit also.
Have a great weekend.