Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leg Circuit

Thanks to Chris, from I had a wonderful workout this morning. Take a look at the leg circuit. Try it!

Breakfast; grilled chicken, (2-3 ounces) tomato, 4 olives, orange pepper. chopped and mixed together. A handful of grapes.


Heather said...

Looks good, loving the pictures. Makes me want to do my own food blog so I have one more excuse to take photos... I take thousands every month, but none are of food.

To answer your question from a couple days ago, I have not tried the Master Formula yet. I'd love to, but there's no way I can afford it at the moment. I feel so lame every time I even bring money up, but the truth is that we don't have much and sometimes it's a struggle finding quality things I can afford.

We do live comfortably enough, and if I spent some time rearranging our budget I might be able to work it in, but right now I'm just trying to deal with too much going on without stressing out, which is obviously working *brilliantly* (as my barely-held-off-panic sets in a little more each day...)

I did want to order the Vital Omegas, but the pricing confused me because the autoship math doesn't add up. I sent them a note asking what the deal was, if it was a typo or something, but haven't heard back at all. It's been over two weeks, do you think I should post on the forum or on a blog post? Or just call?

Do you take the Vital Omegas? I'd really like to figure out what the actual price is because it IS something I can afford, and the best stuff at Walmart is half as strong. I may get the Basic Assurance when money permits (maybe in Jan.?), but until then I'm eating loads of veggies & hoping for the best.

Sorry for the ramble, hope you're having a lovely day. =)

Marc said...

I like your rambles ;-)
It's not easy for me either in regards to the finances, if you eliminate one going out to eat meal a month, you are half way there. Depending on how many drinks you induldge might be all the way there ;-). Just a thought. The formula makes you feel fantastic.
Glad you are liking the pics.
Simple stuff right?
Thanks for reading.

heather said...

Around here we'd have to eliminate like 5-6 going out to eat meals, there's nowhere more expensive than $20-30 for both of us in the area. We could probably rack up a nice sushi bill at the hibachi place in the next town over though...

I'm actually considering dropping our gym membership to redirect it toward the vital omegas. It's $40 a month, I go sporadically (and have big guilt about it), he hasn't been in probably three years, and I could buy a fitdeck & do it myself at home. I need to start thinking of excercise as a "whenever" thing, not a "gym only" thing, so maybe dropping the gym would shift my view and alleviate the guilt over not going & wasting money on not going.

Btw, you have inspired me to follow in your steps and make a food blog. Hope that's ok with you! Let me know what you think. :)