Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't get caught up in the craziness

Can you feel it out there? Pure craziness, everyone scurrying about. Shopping, buying, running, and stressing out. Remember to breathe ;-) Eat right and get your body moving. Enjoy "The season" don't let it wear you down!

Back to food........

Breakfast easy and healthy;

Grilled chicken, 2 slices avocado (from my friends back yard), some grapes and a clementine.

The cat was curious too.......

didn't eat all the grapes. I have a small fridge in my office, grapes will be there for possibly later on snack.

Lunch appointment out of the office, what is one to do?
Mexican restaurant was the meeting point.
You can still eat well there.
Steak Fajitas, a little bit of meat with some peppers and grilled onions. I'm sure the oils they use aren't the greatest, but not bad for restaurant food. It gets bad when you eat everything else they serve namely; refried beans with cheese on top, corn chips, flour tortillas, rice, sour cream.
I felt good after the meal.
Dinner will be a small simple salad with a glass of red wine.


heather said...

Hey, thanks for the photos! Looks yummy. Cute cat.

Marc said...

Thank you motivator ;-)

Hope you are doing well.
Have you ordered Master Formula yet?