Thursday, September 6, 2007

Finish to start...........

I couldn't figure out how to get the right sequence of pics posted. So hence, from "finish to start"
Bottom of the pics, shows the start of an easy breakfast, tasty and healing as I try and aid my body in fighting this little cold.
Garlic about 4 cloves, 4 scallions, small orange habanero pepper, green pepper little less then half of one, 5 asparagus, bok choy about 5 stalks, grass fed sirloin steak. The steak was left over from this weekend. It might look like a lot, but it is just about 6 small slices cut in to little pieces. (The steak I made over the weekend was prepped like this; marinated in a beer (corona) cut up onion and garlic dash of hot sauce. Marinated over night. Grilled to medium rear, and sliced up for future use)
The pics show the sequence, With some olive oil saute the garlic, scallions and habanero. Then add pepper, then asparagus, then bok choy and finally the meat.
Snack later will be a small organic fuji apple and a handful of almonds.

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