Monday, April 5, 2010


That's what I called this little concoction.

Using the last ingredients in my fridge, before going to the farmers market on Saturday, I made some zucchini hummus and added the last half of a Florida avocado. Hum-Guac.

Really simple and super tasty. Great on it's own or spoon over shrimp, meat, chicken.

Did you read the latest post (Grilling is it safe) on the Healthy Cooking Coach? The interview with Don M. from Primal Wisdom is a must read. What's your opinion on it? Give me some of your thoughts and I will share mine in my next post.

Make it a great week!


Mark said...

My thoughts on the grilling article - bleh, that bums me out. I grill a lot.

I don't follow the logic of why ancestors could not "grill". Maybe I don't know what "grill" means - wouldn't putting a chunk of meat on the end of a stick and cooking it over an open flame be similar?

Anonymous said...

"Paleo people used baking, roasting, steaming, and boiling, not grilling. "

Seriously? That little tidbit of wisdom that he opened the article with made me look at the whole thing and call shenanigans. I'd like to see some references to the above statement before I believe anything else he says.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mark and AlphaDog, seems like he's starting from a fishy premise. Also I followed the links and don't think they're very impressive.

But I must admit...I love grilled food and grew up eating my dad's grilled meat...and I'm trying to get off a vegetarian grain based diet and Eat More Meat...and the last thing I want to worry with right now is grilling I'm predisposed to disbelief ;-)


TrailGrrl said...

Avocados have been particularly good this week in Ohio... not sure why, they are usually hard as rocks or too soft to do much with. They have been perfect.

Did the farmers' market on Sat too and got some beef tenderloin and free range organic chicken. Much cheaper to buy whole, cut up chicken so that's what I went with. Grilled two of the filets last night and did an unusually good job... they were thick and I was patient. I seared them on grill and then turned off two of the burners and cooked them on the side that wasn't still lit so that they would cook with indirect heat. I've been tryiung to get better about my grilling technique. They turned out great and I had them with avocado slices. Grilled another one today at lunch and did equally well, so maybe I'm getting the hang of it.

I want to grill more this summer.


Marc said...

My sentiments exactly.
And as much as I lke Don's logic, this one seemed to be somewhat counter todays post.

Don is very leanred ....I agree with you on this one though.

Keep eating the grilled meat. ;-)

funny you shoud mention indirect heat....see my post today.


jencereghino said...

Okay...I will have to try this on my eggs tomorrow! YUM!!!

My morning meal usually consists of eggs, buffalo or elk, and sliced avocado...this will be so much more fun! :) I've been meaning to try your Zucchini Hummus, so thanks for the reminder.