Monday, April 19, 2010

Food for the Day

My meals on Sunday.
Johhny at The Lean Saloon had a short and sweet, great post  late last week. Give it a look.

Two meals for the day;

Two eggs fried up in some bacon grease and scallions. Topped with grass fed raw cheddar cheese. 2 strawberries, a few slices of banana, tomato and some celery for crunch factor. This "breakfast" was filling and very satisfying.

"Margarita Steak"
Grass fed loin many marinades, so little time ;-)
I was putting some wine away in my wine fridge, and noticed far in the back a close to finished bottle of "margarita mix". Left over from a part a while back, this mix has the tequila in it. So as I was about to throw it out, I thought: hey! perfect little marinade. I mean it has citrus and tequila. I cut up some garlic,onion and jalapeno and added that to the liquid. I marinated it for a day and a half. When I was ready to grill (used my charcoal grill for this one) I put the left over marinade in a sauce pan, boiled it and reduced it down a bit for basting purposes.

Yes, there is al ready a piece missing, had to try it you know?

Slice against the grain, nice and thin.

I used a "minimal" fire for this one. Direct heat, but not a blazing fire. Just some smoldering wood charcoals.
I also put a few small red bliss potatoes on the grill. Once the meat was done, I just closed the lid and let the potatoes cook a bit more. While the potatoes were doing their thing, I made a quick guacamole with tomato,onion, cilantro and a dash of garlic powder. (in the picture topped with a dab of greek yogurt). Nice salad to go along with it. The dressing I made will be topic for another post.

Coming up...Pickled Beets, Whey and Synchronicity.

Make it a great day


Natalie said...

Mmmm...yummy. That is an incredibly creative and cool sounding marinade! I'll bet the citrus made it tender. Have to try that one.

Marc said...

It was very good.
The citrus really breaks it down to a tender piece of meat...for however much that is possible with loin steak.


Natalie said...

Tried it with Ribeye last night and oooh, was this succulent. Perfect with sliced red onions and, well, margaritas!