Thursday, September 9, 2010

Food, Love and Last Post

Let's address this in reverse order. Yes this is the last's the last post on blogger ;-)
Next new post will be on I just have to set up the feeds and we should be good to go. My E-book is almost done and the new site is practically finished. There will be some tweaking over the next month, but my aim is to keep it simple, easy on the eyes and quick access to information.
I hope to see all of you there and please feel free to share your input. I always look forward to all of your comments and emails.

"A fool in love makes no sense to me. I only think you are a fool If you do not love."

I read this quote the other day and it really made me smile. It had no known author.
LOVE....from music to literature to art, philosophy, religion, cooking, raising children etc etc is possibly (I'm convinced love is all there is, but that's just my opinion) THE key component to finding your slice of happiness. So as I read the above quote, I got caught in a 10 minute thought process about all the areas of life it applies to. So what about you?? Are you in love? Do you love your work? Do you love your parents? Do you love your dog? Do you love doing the dishes? Do you love where you live? Do you love your exercise routine?? Go find that love!!! Or even better...REDISCOVER it, and see what happens.

Anywho ;-) BACK TO FOOD....

Delicious seafood meal;

Smoked salmon and roasted red pepper soup, blanched asparagus tossed with lemon olive oil
sauted shrimp with garlic chili sauce.

Tuna tartare over cucumber salad.

See you on the other side......


Kevin said...

The new site looks great!

Quick question ... are these three separate meals or all one meal?

Ok and another ... got a quick rundown on how to make that shrimp dish? Look awesome!

Marc said...

Thank you very much!

That was one meal for two people.

The shrimp is super easy. Peel, devein and cut the shrimp in two 2 pieces. In a skillet heat up some coconut oil. Get it nice and hot. Now add the shrimp and saute it. add some sea salt..add a bit of lime juice. Half a lime for half a pound of shrimp. After the lime juice add 1 tblspoon of chili garlic sauce. Stir/mix well and serve.

Thanks Kevin, have a great weekend.

Tel Aviv Fitness said...

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Bryan said...


Just looking at the dishes is makeing me hungery.

I didn't see the recipe information, can you please post it.


Fresh Vending said...

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Johnny at The Lean Saloon said...

Great, Marc. Looking forward to more great material on your new site.


Emily said...

These look like great recipes! Thanks for sharing these. I will definitely have to try them. I suggest you check out the new AbStand ab workout machine at Its so easy!

Jacy said...

Love makes us human. When we are in love, we tend to take good care of ourselves by eating right because we want to look good for our loved one.

Shiela Marvel said...

Everyone seems to be leaving Blogger a lot lately. They should be alarmed by now, right? Anyhow, great post and nice new site! Regards!

Faith Ellens said...

I would love to try that tuna thing. Yum! Thanks for the post. I'll go and check your new site as well.

Adam said...

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LooN said...

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Schwinn 431 Elliptical said...

Those are some good tips that I'll have to remember. I just been emotionally eating recently. Ugh

Nutrition said...

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Josie said...

Thank you for all of the useful information!

Ravi said...

Try using a dash of truffle oil on the cucumber salad in the tuna tartare

Cathy said...

Food and Love keep us alive. :)


Xean said...

Nice post! Looking forward, I'd love to see new posts in your blog.

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Lily said...

I love the food, it makes me hungry!!

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Online Personal Trainer said...

Wouldn't you just call tuna tartar, raw tuna? Anyways, looks delicious I will definitely try to make something like that!

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Kara said...

Yummy! Asparagus is FINALLY in season, and here in Poland you can only buy seasonal veggies so I'm totally psyched to try this recipe :)

zaini said...

good recipes which are healthy .if you want to maintain health then these are good for you .try to prepare your food at home for healthy lifestyle.

Erika Kim said...

I love that quote that you had about love. I'm going to borrow it for my post today. Hope you don't mind! Thank you for the inspiration!

Perry said...

If you're looking for some awesome recipes that are healthy and will keep you energized check out SHREDZ ( and their blog at

I've tried cooking most of these recipes myself and I've had some terrific results in a short time!

Kenneth Pierce said...

Me and my family truly enjoy all your recipes here. Most of them are just simple so it really helps me with my parenting responsibilities. I will continuously support your blog and I am so happy that your new blog looks even better.

Charlie Bannister said...

I know this is an old post and likely no one will see this, but I love your thoughts on love (pun intended). You have to have a passion - or least be seeking one. Otherwise you're just marking time waiting to die. Thanks for the thoughtful post. I'm off to check out the new site!

Kev James said...

This looks incredible! A little 3 course meal action, nice work.

I'm gonna try this meal over the weekend, wish me luck :)

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