Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some more Pictures and Back to Food

Signs like this one above, do remind you that you are in a place were there could be serious danger. People there live with this reality, but it does not damper the spirit or way of life in the least.
For all you potential "Bruno" fans, I took his picture.

Contrasts? From Bruno billboards to the inside of this incredible Armenian church from 450 AD. The art work inside was stunning.

A side entrance of the same church.

A soldier lends a helping hand to a mom struggling with her stroller going down the stairs.

A simple sign......you might not see every where ;-)

Someone praying at the Western Wall. What you see are tons of tiny pieces of paper stuffed in the cracks of the wall. People of all religions, write messages, wishes, and prayers and leave them there.

The "VIA DOLOROSA" the very street Jesus walked with the cross on the way to his crucifixion. How can your hair not stand on end visiting a city like this. You can feel the history.

I figured I'd share a few more pictures, but then it's Back to Food.
I will start the series of the cook book I've been asked to review.
I look forward to getting a lot of feedback from everyone. As I'm curious on what you think about it.
Have a great day!


Mark said...

Cool pix - thanks for sharing!

Andy's Blog said...

Looks like you had a great, and enriching vacation.

Jay C said...

Ya, very cool pics. Good travels

Yummy Gatherer said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for the one of Bruno! ;)

Marc said...

Thanks as always for stopping by.

It was wonderful. I think it was "Hans Cristian Andersen" that said "To travel is to live.....or to live is to travel ;-)
Either way he had a good point.

Thank you. Good stuff.

Bruno in hebrew..how can you beat it ;-)


Rafi Bar-Lev said...

Nice to see you had a great vacation in my country. :)


Marc said...


Thanks for visiting! We could have had a nice primal lunch somewhere.
Maybe next time.

I really like you blog, good stuff!


sarena said...

crazy as I just came back yesterday from 2.5 weeks in israel too!!